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If you want to safely and neatly house your inverter batteries, the Su-Kam Knight Double Battery Trolley is obviously the right solution to go for. It brings aesthetics to battery housing, ensuring your inverter setup can blend neatly with your home decor.

Safety is yet another strong point of the Sukam double battery trolley. With the batteries and battery terminals safely packed out of view and the reach of children, this is a safer way to house batteries in the home, especially if infants and children are present.

Because the Su-Kam Knight Double Battery Trolley is built strong even if of plastic components, it’s durability is outstanding. Even with the heavy weight of batteries, the Sukam battery trolley is highly durable and will serve you for as long as you’d wish.

The double battery trolley is obviously for two batteries. It’s therefore ideal for 24V inverters like the Su-Kam 1.6kva/24V inverter. But don’t worry – you can use the Knight trolley for larger battery banks.

For a 4-battery inverter, you only need to buy to sets of the trolley. For 8 batteries, 4 sets. And so on. Interestingly, the Knight battery trolley still provides a tidy packaging of the batteries, even when larger battery banks are involved.


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