Su-Kam Falcon+ 1600VA/24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter – Advanced Technology

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Yes, the Falcon+ inverter is solar-compatible. You can set youself free from dependence on the erratic and often unavailable public power supply and the equally traumatising challenges of power generators, by going solar with the Falcon+. It adds to the cost of set-up, but offers huge long-term benefit. When you spread the cost over the long life-span of panels and the inverter, you will see how the relatively bearable cost puts your life on a different trajectory of bliss (at least power-wise) for many many years to come.




From Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd comes the Falcon+ (called “Falcon Plus”), a new design inverter (home UPS) offering the most advanced technology and powerful performance features, borne out of Su-Kam’s years of manufacturing and research experience in power/inverter technology.

We, at Richtone Technology Limited, have also worked hard over the years, identifying the best-value power products and explaining them to users, while offering the best purchase terms. The Su-Kam Falcon+ is one such product.

Su-Kam has been at the fore of inverter technology development for several years running and has developed many pace-setting products. It has produced and sold a wide capacity range of inverters, from small home systems, to large industrial units, with a lot of lessons learnt. The new range of Falcon+ inverters is targeted at average home users and small offices and incorporates a condensation of a wide body of knowledge and experience in inverter operation, spanning many years and cutting across several countries where Su-Kam products are sold. In truth, the Su-Kam Falcon+ brings the best performance features in todays market, aimed at giving users the best experience in efficiency, convenience and durability. Simply put: in their capacity range, there’s no better inverter to spend money than the Sukam Falcon+. Nothing presently matches the technology of this inverter series and nothing works better. In fact, nothing comes close.


For now, the Falcon+ 1600VA/24V is the big man of the range, with also available to the Nigerian market. The Falcon+ 1600VA/24 will provide reasonable power backup to a standard 3-bedroom/2-bedroom apartment, where average appliance usage can be estimated at: 3-4 ceiling fans, 1 TV of say 42-inch, 6-8 energy-saving light bulbs and a few other devices like decoder, phones, etc. Depending on manner of usage (for careful users, all fans may not run simultaneously, hours of TV use may be moderated and lights may be switched on just where needed), this capacity can deliver up to 8 hours of use on a full battery charge. It could do more.


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