Spool of RG6/U Coaxial Cable (1000′)

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RG6 cable is the height of video distribution. RG6 has proven itself as the de facto standard for satellite installations and has the bandwidth to handle the demands of today’s HD signals and tomorrows new innovations. Dual shielding (foil plus braid) keeps stray signals form interrupting your service.

Whether you are terminating the cables with F-type, BNC or RCA connectors this cable will give you a lifetime of use and reliable service.

This cable uses a bare copper center conductor to give you superior conductivity and increased flexibility, ideal for demanding installs yet affordable enough for everyday use. Conveniently delivered on a wooden spool makes pulling the cables a breeze.



RG 6 is the recommended coaxial cable for cable TV, satellite, your roof-top antenna, or broadband internet. Sewell’s RG 6 shielded coaxial cable gives you premium picture quality with virtually no signal loss. Our newest RG 6 cable also comes with 95% braid, the highest percentage braid on the market, giving you the best possible signal quality.

Using untermintated cable lets you decide how much you need for each application. You can also decide which kind of connecter is best for you. You can use F-type, BNC or RCA connectors. Terminating the cable is easy with our BNC or Coax connectors, available in both crimp and compression styles. All you need to do is properly strip the cable, plug it into the terminator, and lock it in place with the appropriate crimping tool.


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