Solar LED Street Light Sunway (15w) With inbuilt battery and panel

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  • It has in-built lithium-ion battery and Battery Management System which makes the installation and maintenance very easy.
  • It is especially crafted to give 30-50% more brightness as compared to other outdoor lighting systems and functions even during cloudy days.



No electricity bills, as runs on Solar power

Easy to install

No scheduled maintenance

No battery maintenance required for almost 3 to 4 years

100% Environment friendly: As it is powered by sunlight

Long life PV modules with up to more than 20+ years of power generation capacity

Controlled charging to prolong battery life

Integrated solution: Light On/Off controlled by automatic daylight sensing.

Better light source: LED lights feature cool White light, No flickering. Higher brightness than sodium

Micro controller based design enables efficient and intelligent working

Integrated SOLAR Street Light comes with a Built-in passive infrared PIR motion sensor which automatically detects movements (human/traffic presence) and adjusts the brightness of LED accordingly.

If motion sensor detects ‘No movements’ for more than 1 minute, the controller reduces the LED Brightness to one third. On detecting movement in the range of 12m, The LED will glow automatically at full brightness. This enables to provide required illumination only when needed and helps in increasing battery back-up time.


LED Light: 15 W

SOLAR panel: Poly-Crystalline 40 W (MNRE approved)

SOLAR Charge controller Rating: 5A

Battery Capacity: 11.1V 15 Ah Lithium-Ion battery (BIS approved)

Load cut-off voltage for battery (Deep discharge protection): 9.2V

Operating voltage: 9.2V-12.7 V DC

Driver efficiency: >90 % (Battery to Load)

Motion Sensor: PIR Motion Sensor (12m range)

Detection: 102 degrees Horizontal / 92 degrees Vertical

Dimming to 1/3 intensity on detecting no motion for more than 1 minute

LUMEN output: 1650 Lumen.

LED Distribution angle: 120 degs

Temperature range: 0 to 60 degrees C

Pole Diameter: 3 Inch or Less (U Bolts)

Light mounting height: 4M-5M above ground level

Space between light poles: 10-15M

ü Product warranty 2 Yrs (Battery warranty-1 yr)


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