Single Phase Surge protector

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Mains spike/surge protection Maximum surge current handling capabilities of 20KA per phase with a maximum let through voltage of 750Vac. Ideally suited to the protection of both entire distribution boards and equipment in domestic and industrial environments. Features LED indication of protection status and requires no operator intervention or maintenance. Available in single and three phase versions.



This kind of surge protector’s design is based on the IEC61643-21:2000 standard. It use standard 35 mm guide rail type installation. The limiting voltage type series power surge protector have very strong lightning current discharge capacity, single module can withstand up to 60kA surge current. It can prevent a variety of surge, including direct lightning It can be used as the first-class lightning protection of the project power system in areas with high risk of lightning strike. It also can be combined in single phase / three-phase power lines.


It suit for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage 220V/380V power distribution and control systems and widely used in construction and factory power supply system’s power protection. It is mainly installed in power input line of the electrical system to withstand the transient over-voltage amplitude of the directly lightning, inductive lightning and switching over-voltage, discharge surge energy to protect the system circuits and devices.


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