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  • Capacity 610 litres
  • Finish Inox
  • 4 way cooling
  • 100 hours Freeze capacity on Power Outage
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Removable storage baskets



The Scanfrost Deep freezer SFL611 is a large capacity freezer for home and commercial purposes. Its large capacity makes it very suitable for large storage needs and for those who sell frozen foods or other perishable food items. It will give you enough storage space for everything that needs to be refrigerated. It will fit well into your kitchen or shop. This freezer works efficiently by cooling in a 4 way direction; all parts of the freezer will be cool; there won’t be a case of food or perishable items stored in the freezer getting cold and others not getting cold due to inefficient cooling system. Unlike other freezers that you have used before; this Scanfrost freezer comes with a super cooling compressor for excellent cooling performance. The white finish of this freezer will make it look cool in your kitchen or shop.

The temperature of this Scanfrost Deep Freezer will stay frozen for days even after power cut; the doors are well padded to prevent a drop in temperature. You will never make loss again on perishable food stored in this freezer. The super freezing function will ensure that it starts freezing in no time. Your meat, fish, chicken, pork, turkey and pepper will remain as fresh as ever. If you are the busy type that goes to the market just once in a month or two, this large capacity freezer will help preserve the entire food item for as long as you want. It has removable storage basket for fruits and vegetables. It is lockable with a key so everything stored is kept safe and secured. It is time to switch over to Scanfrost Deep freezer.


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