Pure Sinewave Inverter 5kVA/96V 1-Phase -Colossal

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   Heavy Duty Inverters for Telecom Applications.
   Runtime from 1 Hour to 16 Hours.
   Generator Control Facility inbuilt.
   Inverter Operation control by SMPS Status, Shelter Temperature &
   Remote Monitoring through Web.
   Based on IGBT technology Pure Sine Wave Output-produces clean
   Plastic front body results in sleek look, more reliability and less
   Less vibration due to non electronic interference.
   Supported with castor wheels for easy movement.
   Automatically switches to battery mode during power cut.
   User friendly display and operation.
   Auto self test on LCD Panel (buzzer test, fan test, input and output
supply, battery status)
   Free of spikes and surges.
   Scalable runtime.
   Built in Galvanic Isolation Transformer.
   Cold start.
   Fuzzy logic controlled battery charging.
   In built TDR point for compressor based applications.
   Short circuit protection.



For those looking for extra backup capacity for home or office deployment, the Su-Kam 5KVA/96V DSP sine wave inverter, Colossal Series provides the robust option for comfortable home or office use. Though not the right capacity for your air conditioners, the 5kva is sufficiently robust for home or office power backup. Up to your refrigerator and freezer can be run on the 5kva. This Su-kam 5kva 1-phase in – 1-phase-out stable output capacity inverter is a pure sine wave inverter, providing pure quality power and extended power backup.

The 5KVA/96V Su-Kam inverter runs on a battery bank of 8 No. 12V batteries. For adequate power backup capacity, up to 200Ah batteries are recommended.

Typical appliances for the 5KVA/96v Sukam inverter are: tube Lights, fans, TVs, DVDs/LCDs, refrigerator, freezer,computers, printers, scanners, copiers, etc. For estimated load, please see the sample load, below.

Sukam inverters have proven performance delivery based on the superior inverter technology Sukam has evolved. The 5kva unit assures that robust performance and the durability to guarantee excellent return on investment. Its in-built protection mechanisms provide stable performance, extended lifespan of the inverter batteries and efficient power delivery. The latter ensures you enjoy optimal power backup time from this quality inverter


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