Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS

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Features • Wide input voltage range • Compatible with generators • Overload protection • Short circuit protection • Built-in AVR • Battery deep discharge protection & overcharge protection • Green function ( No load cut off )



The Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS built-in AVR ensures better performance with the input range of 140 ~ 285VAC. The silent nature of this Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS will make you work effectively without any distraction. Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS is a large capacity of UPS,  which provides more efficient backup power and more advanced performance technology.  The possible backup time of Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS is up to 40min. Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS features the following attributes, such as wide input range of 140 ~ 285VAC, excess temperature protection, Power surge protection socket for printers, scanners, telephone, modem line protection, Built-in intelligent battery management, Super protection of Over voltage, Under voltage, Overload and Short circuit protection, Auto restart, Data-line protection. The Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS has no harmful substance to the environment; such as: noise pollution, gas emission and it even save you from the stress of buying fuel and the cost. What Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS just need is charging that’s all. The auto restart which is in-built to the Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS, allows no interruption with whatever you’re doing be it, playing video games, watching movie e.t.c. Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS is well protected by the output short circuit, and has the load capacity for your electronic appliances. Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS is well protected from voltage overload and overcharge. Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS is what we all need at our homes and offices.


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