Mercury 12/100 AMPS Batteries

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Technical Specification(Capacity):20 Hour Rate100AH10 Hour Rate92AH5 Hour Rate80AHOvervoltage Restoration41AHInternal Resistance Fully Charged Battery4.5mSelf Discharge:Capacity after 3 Month Storage91%Capacity after 6 Month Storage81%Capacity after 12 Month Storage60%Max Discharge Current800A (5S)TerminalM3Charge (Constant Voltage):CycleInitial Charging Less than 30AFloatVoltage 14.4 ~ 14.7V/77°F (25°C)
Voltage 13.5 ~ 13.8V/77°F (25°C)Physical:Dimension (WxDxH) mm208 X 407 X 174Net Weight (kg)30



Mercury 12/100amps  batteries for your inverter or other power backup need. Deep cycle technology sealed maintenance-free batteries are designed specially to withstand oxidation and corrosion that would otherwise result from the prolonged and deep discharge they are exposed to. If you want good power back-up performance, you need a good quality deep cycle battery.


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