L2+ Ethernet Stack Enhanced Access Layer Switch | DES-3528

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With a built-in D-Link Safeguard Engine, the DES-3528 can identify and prioritize CPU interested packets to prevent malicious traffic from interrupting normal network flow and protect switch operation. Enhanced Network Performance & Availability. The DES-3528 has a comprehensive set of features targeting enterprise and campus to provide a more flexible and expandable network. It provides Static Route1 Layer 2+ functionalities, 4K VLAN, advanced selective Q-in-Q, as well as delivering progressive QoS capability for mission-critical applications and multicast services. With latest Spanning Tree protocol version, redundant power option, and Loopback Detection (D-Link’s advanced technology for preventing loops without the presence of STP), the DES-3528 offers superior availability for corporate and campus network. User-friendly & Ecosystem-friendly. DES-3528 uses D-Link’s Web GUI 2.0 which has an easy-to-use web interface and configuration wizards, minimizing administrators’ learning curve. Utilizing the next generation of chipsets, the DES-3528 has optimized power consumption to save energy cost and contribute to the global ecosystem and a greener environment. In addition, its fanless design ensures quiet operation, ideal for deployment in open spaces. xStack Integration Virtual Stacking of up to 32 units Embedded D-Link SIM for integration all xStack Switches 1 Physical Stacking of up to 8 units VLAN 4K VLANs Support Selective Q-in-Q and VLAN Translation MAC-based VLAN 802.1v Protocol-based VLAN Security L2/L3/L4 Multi-Layer Access Control External RADIUS/TACACS+ Authentication Support SSH/SSL Support Guest VLAN Web-Based Access Control (WAC) MAC-Based Access Control (MAC) IP-MAC-Port Binding D-Link Safeguard Engine Supports Microsoft NAP Quality of service 802.1p Priority Queues/Multi-Layer CoS IP Multicast Support for Bandwidth-Intensive Applications Traffic Monitoring/Bandwidth Control Port Mirroring Traffic Segmentation Bandwidth Control Down to 64bps Broadcast Storm Control Committed Information Rate RMON v1/v2 Support Configuration/Management Web-based GUI Command Line Interface (CLI) SNMP v1, v2c, v3 Standard D-Link Single IP Management (SIM) v1.6 D-View SNMP Network Management Module Provided Telnet Client/Server.



The xStack DES-3528 Ethernet switch is part of D-Link’s DES-3528/3552 series switches that inherit most of the features from the current DES-3526/50 switches with additional functions such as, notably improved switching capacity, physical stacking1, Layer 2+ functions including static routing1, multicast support and enhanced security, making it an ideal access layer solution for enterprise and campus networks. This switch can seamlessly integrate with L3 core switches to form a part of multi-level network structure of high-speed backbone and centralized servers. Flexible & Cost-Effective Ethernet Stack. The DES-3528 stackable switch provides 24 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports and up to four Gigabit uplinks. The two combo 10/100/100BASE-T SFP slots on the front panel provide flexible copper or fiber Gigabit connection, while two 10/100/1000BASE-T ports on the back panel are designed for flexible dual usage – either as stacking ports with 4Gbps bi-directional stacking bandwidth, or can simply be used as copper Gigabit uplinks. Physical Stacking1 capability allows users to stack up to 8 units on a scalable expansion basis, while D-Link Single IP Management (SIM) support permits users to create a Virtual Stack of up to 32 units. With a complete set of features and stacking capability, this switch is an attractive alternative to the more costly chassis-based switches solution. Comprehensive Security. The DES-3528 provides users with the latest functions such as 802.1X Guest VLAN, MAC-based Access Control (MAC) and Web-based Access Control (WAC). 802.1X Guest VLAN is a comprehensive end-point security solution for user authentication/authorization and WAC guarantees granular network access control with user-friendly authentication mechanism. The switch provides IP-MAC-Port Binding to allow administrators to bind source IP to associated MAC and source port with utilization of DHCP information snooping to block illegal IP addresses keeping the network secure and audit able.


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