D-Link 8 Port 10/100Base-T PoE Smart switch – DES-1210-08P

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– Intuitive Web GUI.
– PoE safeguard function.
– VLAN support for traffic segmentation.
– AutoVoice and AutoSurveillance VLAN for seamless integration with IP telephony and IP surveillance systems.
– Time-based PoE to switch off

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    • Extensive Set Of Features
      Equipped with a complete line-up of features, these switches include Quality of Service, port trunking, Spanning Tree and IGMP snooping. Network monitoring and maintenance features include port mirroring, loopback detection and the innovative cable diagnostics. With cable diagnostics, the switch will flag a faulty Ethernet cable connected to any of its ports, detailing the type of error detected.
    • Secure Your Network
      The DES-1210 series support RADIUS authentication, to ensure that only authorized users are able to log into the network. In addition, the Access Control List (ACL) feature further enhances security by ensuring that network resources are accessible only by their legitimate users.
    • Avoid Network Disruption
      D-Link’s innovative safeguard engine protects aginst traffic flooding caused by broadcast storms or virus attacks, blocking traffic that reaches the definable threshold and avoiding network lock-ups before they occur. Spanning Tree (STP) and Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) allow for redundant paths in a network to ensure servers and other resources are always available.
    • Versatile Management
      The new generation of smart switches is provided with an intuitive PC-based smartConsole utility and a friendly web interface that enables administrators to configure and control their network down to the port level. The smartConsole automatically discovers multiple D-Link Web smart switches within the same network segment, so administrators can access all of them even before they have been configured. This allows for very quick deployments and initial setups. For more advanced administrators, the DES-1210 series supports a Command Line Interface (CLI) accessible with Telnet.
    • Intuitive Web GUI
    • VLAN support for traffic segmentation
    • AutoVoice and AutoSurveillance VLAN for seamless integration with IP telephony and IP surveillance systems
    • QoS (Quality of Service) and bandwidth control to ensure smooth operation
    • Cable diagnostics function to help troubleshoot wiring problems
    • Fanless design: completely silent


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