2.4Ghz 3 Watt Inline Wifi Amplifier

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  • Bi-directional amplifier for IEEE 802.11B/G
  • Rugged outdoor aluminum housing.
  • Automatic gain control to minimize the signal distortion
  • Wide transmit input level, +5dBm to +20dBm
  • Low noise amplifier with system noise figure 3.5 dB
  • Universal 110/220 AC auto switching ACm
  • Adapter for 6V DC power injector
  • Included coaxial jumper for easy connection to wireless devices
  • Industrial standard N-Female type connector
  • Outdoor all weather-proof enclosure



Ameclat is pleased to offer a 3 Watt amplifier designed to attach directly to a WiFi antenna. The 3 Watt Inline Amplifier can be directly mounted to any antenna that has a N-Female connector, and is great for installation with our Omni antennas. Just attach the 3 Watt Inline Amplifier to the base of the Omni antenna and our mounting sleeve slides right over it for even more protection.

The 3 Watt Inline Amplifier is designed for outdoor installations, so it does extremely well in dealing with the elements. The amplifier has a weatherproof machined enclosure, and the DC Injector housing is made from machined aluminum with an Anodized finish.

The  3 Watt Inline Amplifier only requires 2 cables for installation. This is the least amount of cables needed for any 3 Watt wireless amplifier. You only need to connect your router/access point/repeater/bridge to the DC injector, and connect the DC injector to the amplifier and the amplifier directly attaches to the antenna. Power up the DC injector with the supplied adapter and installation is complete.


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