Su-Kam 24V Battery Equaliser

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  • Equalizes batteries in battery bank connected in series
  • Protects batteries from undercharging and overcharging, both harmful to batteries
  • Battery balancing prevents the advance impact of overcharging and undercharging
  • Battery Life is extended, other things being equal
  • Minimises frequency of battery replacement
  • Ideal, if more than one battery is used.



Here’s your opportunity to pick up the new, improved Su-Kam battery equalizer, with latest design advances by SuKam. After some years of sale of the very successful battery protection device, the Su-kam battery equalizer, Su-Kam went to work to update the product, incorporating the benefits of the usage experience of the past years. Now the battery equalizer has come out upgraded and more ready to offer the protection you need for your batteries.

Su-Kam battery equalizer is the big relief for users of battery-powered systems – inverters, UPS, etc – who suffer the burden of battery replacement or unsatisfactory power backup time. This is the 48V Sukam battery equaliser. For 24V Su-Kam battery equalizer,
Wherever series string of two or more batteries is used with UPS, Inverter, Telecom inverters, etc, an imbalance of voltage in each battery starts soon after installation. This imbalance of voltage may gradually lead to battery damage and also affect the overall performance of the system.

Sukam Battery EqualizerPrincipally, you suffer reduction in back up time and frequent battery replacements, a heavy drain on your finances. Any user of an inverter will know that the challenge of battery replacement, because of the relatively high cost of batteries, is the major area of concern. Anything that will extend the lifespan and performance of the battery bank will translate to substantially enhanced value.

To overcome this problem, battery equalization is needed and Su-Kam has come to your rescue. Su-Kam makes and offers battery equalizer for all kinds of batteries/cells. Sukam Battery Equalizer is a stand alone device which can be put with the battery bank and doesn’t require any power either from Inverter/UPS or mains.


Sukam Battery Equalizer
Here is what you benefit from the inexpensive Su-Kam battery equalizer:


  • When there are 2 or more batteries in the series, it will equalize the voltage in them and ensure they do not have different voltages.
  • Active equalization technique based on flash micro-controller.
  • Protects your batteries from undercharging and overcharging arising from battery imbalance, which would otherwise reduce their working life.
  • Reduces the frequency of battery replacement, thus reducing cost and saving money.
  • Easy to install with batteries connected in series.
  • Suitable for N numbers of batteries by utilizing multiple units together.
  • Operates in all three modes: battery charging, discharging or in idle mode.
  • Appropriate for Gel, Sealed and AGM Lead Acid batteries. Works with conventional flooded lead acid batteries and SMF batteries.
  • Extends battery life and run time.
  • Compact size, low weight.Sukam Battery Equalizer

The battery Equalizer regularly checks the battery bank voltage and if any variation happens it automatically corrects the same. Hence it ensures improved and enhanced battery back up and life of the battery bank in short it improves overall system performance.

Best of all, this huge money-saver is an easily affordable device. Whether you have an old inverter installation or are able to go for a new one, a Sukam battery equalizer is a wise component to include in your budget. I the end, you will be grateful you did.


Nominal Battery Voltage 12V 12V
Maximum Equalization Current 4A 4A
Current Limit < Max Equalization Current
Quiescent Current Draw < 25mA @ 48V DC (1.2W)v
Operating Temperature -5 C ~ +50 C -5 C ~ +50 C
Storage Temperature -5 C ~ +85 C -5 C ~ +50 C
Safety Reverse Polarity Protection (through fuse)
Dimensions 114mm x 135mm x 53mm 81.5mm x 37.5mm x 11.5mm
Weight 0.5 Kg 0.22 kg


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